“We travel for romance,

we travel for architecture,

and we travel to be lost.”

– Ray Bradbury

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About the project

We get lost in order to find something we forgot. It is a moment when we realise that there have never been borders between countries and people and therefore, there is no need to secure yourself. The world was and will always be a safe place for all of us.

If we just understand this we will forget what is fear. The fear will not rule our lives any more and we will again become an important and indispensable part of a world consciousness.

In the world consciousness we are not ruled by money. We create for wellness of ourselves and those who surround us.

For people for whom spirit and soul are a priority, and we do have a lot of these people.

We get lost just to be again one. Being one with the past and those who kindly let us live; being one with the present and the life itself; being one to create harmony and peace for the future of new generations.

Philosophy of the trip

For me as an artist, it is essential to study people’s cultures. By travelling in different countries, I deeply understand and communicate with people by means of traditional art, folklore and handicraft.

I feel, live and behave as a native, as it is the only way to understand and learn one’s people’s culture.

In my books, films and music people, experience, cultures, traditions, landscapesand emotions are co-authors of plots, scenarios and melodies, created during this trip.

My art is dedicated to well-being of humanity. As an artist I look for a road to unify countries and people in peace, which requires complete devotion of myself, my dreams, intentions, time and energy towards this goal.

“I feel, live and behave as a native, as it is the only way to understand and learn one's people's culture.”

Pier BucciMaruca Director

maruca concept

All art projects were given a name of Maruca. I named it after my mother, who had a great heart and therefore, she devoted her life to taking care of the poor and underprivileged in Chile.

As well, art projects are designed to be considered for exploration, art and
educational purposes by people of different ages and interests.
Graphics of Maruca, a purple dressed girl with the triangle body is inspired, by the Japanese children books. The concept of a girl travelling around the world will be welcomed also by children.