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Amaru Mayu Ecological Reserve

This project represents an initiative of NGOD ASPRIDEQ´ MANU for protection, conservation and sustainable management of the vulnerable ecosystem of Amaru Mayu.

Buffer zone of Manu National park is an important ecological reserve, where current refuge of threatened endemic species in danger of extinction and strictly protected fragile rain forests is located.

“Amaru Mayu Reserve” is a transitional area between high and low jungle, which could be of special interest for students, scientists, biologists, zoologists, botanists, anthropologist, tourists and other professionals. Finally, in the handling plan of the “Amaru Mayu Ecological Reserve” were recently included the investigation and tourism as main priorities to establish benefits of contributing to the local development of the annexed communities and to all emerged population. The area established here by the Project is an Ecological Reserve “Lote Amaru Mayu”, which has been handling with the natural resources in the collaboration and active participation of local population. The goal is not only to protect forest physically and legally but also local and native people, who live next to the river and achieve a goal of improving quality of their life and involving the adjacent settlers with the intervention. At the moment in this zone we support a series of environmental, economic and social problems, which were caused due to the implementation of inadequate development processes in this zone.

The productive activities are based generally on extractive activities and lodging, fishing and furtive hunting which has led to the reduction of the availability of these resources. Sustenance of these activities has generated cases where local people assume resources under the protection of the Biosphere Reserve as a next possibility of development. Part of the imposed environmental limitations have been ineffective since the application of operating technologies and commercialization have determined that the population has very low standards of life and serious deficiency of health, education and basic cleaning and problems like the lack of development alternatives and unemployment which causes constant migration of local people.

The legal modality allows an integral handling of an area, where the adjacent communities receive benefits of this collaboration. If the handling plan would be reached, it finally gives to this legal status with of Amaru Mayu Ecological Reserve and the effective use by the population of the proposal area for their traditional, cultural activities and economic support, as well as the indirect use of landscaping resources and rich existing biological diversity in the area.