maruca creative travel

This project is about travelling around the world by an artist, explorer, adventurer and environmentalist. The goal of this project is to learn deeply and widely from travelling experience. I study cultures and communicate with people. On base of it, together with them we create a new art. This art revives old traditions, stimulates creativity of modern world and brings massively peace and harmony to the world.

Besides, this project also supports a conservation initiative of the Amazon Nature Reserve in Peru.

Creating on the road

There will be several art projects within this trip. The first project, a book, will be based on personal experience, philosophy of life of indigenous people and new adventures, which I will have during this travelling. The documentaries will show places, you never saw before, people of different ways of thinking and much more unknown about our Planet in the real time mode in You Tube.

The photography book is about emotions and special moments of meetings with the world of people. In the music project by meeting traditional musicians elsewhere in the world I am able to record their music and sounds of places I visit. At the end, it will be the most unique production, bringing together new technologies and traditions of the world.


Project process

Also visual prototypes and concrete information of books, documentaries and music production will be first defined during creative travelling process.
The project is divided into several parts, embracing all continents in a search for most interesting people, their cultures and traditions. It will be a round trip with the starting point in Germany, Berlin.

In these routes I am able to visit and stay with the aboriginal people from all over the world, which is one of the main interests of mine. There I want to explore what they have common and what is different culturally. I will study thoroughly their history in connection with the modern world.

Exact routes will depend a lot on the visas and other legal permissions to travel.